Free Photo Fix Magic photo editing service to restore, repair, edit, enhance, correct photos.

Free Photo Editing, Repair, Restoration, Enhancing 

Let me give you back pictures you had thought too damaged by time,
edit problems to make a photo picture perfect, ...or create the new pictures you had hoped for!

See examples of the possibilities of photo editing in the Galleries.

  1. Repair lightly to moderately water damaged, scratched, creased photos.
  2. Repair torn off corners on old, damaged photos.
  3. Restore the colors in photos that have faded or changed with time.
  4. Enhance photos by trimming to center the shot or remove excess background clutter.
  5. Edit photos to fix red-eye, skin flaws, bad hair days, whiten or replace teeth, open squinted eyes.
  6. Enhance photos by turning casual snapshots into portait type photos.
  7. Enhance photos by changing the photo background.
  8. Create a collage of your favorite photos.
  9. Edit a photo into a greeting card with text.


Yes! Although I certainly value money, I also value opportunities to be busy and productive.
I am in a wheelchair and on a vent and for that reason I am offering my time and skills to you for free.
No paying for estimates or quotes! Just challeging fun for me and a great photo for you!

Before you send a photo to me, recognize that photo editing can improve most photos, but it cannot:

  1. Sharpen a more than slightly blurry photo.
  2. Correct an over exposed photo (but under exposed photos can be lightened).
  3. Combine photos with very different lighting.
  4. Restore a face where both eyes are badly damaged or the entire nose or mouth is gone.
    It may be possible to restore it using the face from a similar picture of the person.

To submit a photo:

  1. Clean your photo and scanner. Smudges and dust will blur and speckle your scanned images.
  2. Scan your photo(s) at a high resolution. 300 dpi is generally adequate. If you wish to enlarge the photo(s), please scan at 600 dpi. (Good results in enlarging photos is limited by the quality of the original.) If you don't have a scanner, Kinko's and other copy shops can do this for you.
  3. Email the images to me.using the Email link at the top of this page. Attach the photo(s) to a message drescribing any changes you want made beyond a straight forward restoration.

When I have what I hope will be a satisfactory result, I will email you a copy to inspect and you can ask for any revisions.